Choose your MOOD

choose your MOOD

Choose Your MOOD

Inevitably you have to accept that your MOOD is YOUR choice to be on my "team".  As a wife, mother, daughter, business owner, friend and participant in everyday life, I've learned that we have to make things happen for ourselves.  We have to own the accountability of many of our circumstances. Good and bad, it's all part of the process.

Perseverance, determination, and relentlessness, have all been words used to describe me.  I choose to take each and every one of these to the most "positive" place in my mind.  Lifetherapy - and our tag line Choose Your MOOD is the manifestations of taking a path in my life to make things happen. You choose to play, escape, chill, vacation, or flirt.  Certainly there are more MOODS we can choose - but I needed to start somewhere.

Understanding the process of turning the energy around you into positivity has become a true passion in all that I embrace.  Stick with me for a minute...if you allow something to "get to you" - "to THINK crazy thoughts" -- soon enough, your thoughts become your reality...and it's really draining.  If you begin to take control of yourself and realize the freedom in the choice, you start to lessen the negativity and the weight of all it bears.

The products I design and create with Lifetherapy are all representative of a way of life, a positive life; choosing the positive and being aware of it.  Our senses are the most impressive attributes of our humanness. They gather information about the objects the body encounters and then send the information to the brain to process. It was a natural translation for me to teach about MOOD through the senses.  The slightest whiff of a fragrance has the ability to quickly transport us to a completely different time and place and color is such a powerful communication tool and can be used in so many aspects of self-expression and mood translation. Your body hears everything your mind says.

...imagine Lifetherapy.