Grounded Limited Edition Gray Soy Candle

$ 40.00

Fresh Citrus | Heliotrope | Dry Amber | Calming Rose | Vanilla

Embrace our NEW Limited edition Grounded Candle in one of our favorite colors... stormy gray. Gray is the color of intellect and of compromise. It's a diplomatic color, negotiating all the distance between black and white. We love this space - a perfect place to get grounded in your own thoughts.Ā 

8 OZ - 60 hour burn time.Ā We recommend to burnĀ candles 2-4 hours each time. This gives the wax time to melt so the burn pool reaches the sides of the glass. After burning, blow out the candle and let it cool. Each timeĀ you burn your candle, you need to TRIM THE WICK.

I am grounded, centered and at peace.
I trust that I am eternally safe.
From this place I can create anything.

Ā Fresh Citrus | Heliotrope | Dry Amber | Calming Rose | Vanilla

With your soul rooted firmly in your purpose, breathe in the harmonious and stabilizing nature of amber and vanilla, and be uplifted by the earthy and harmonizing qualities of rose. Let yourself be comforted, balanced and calmed by the soothing accord of heliotrope, and fresh citrus.