Comfort & Joy Gift Set

$ 84.00

Light the holidays with a set of candles to celebrate the scents of the season. Notes of cinnamon, pine, balsam, and amber are mixed for scents that are nostalgic and celebratory; awe-inspiring and comforting for a gift that celebrates the magic of the season. Gift wrap included (box with bow).


I feel connected and at peace with myself and my place in the world. I hold space for the wonder of my surroundings, and take the time to honor myself, my memories, and my future path.

Fragrance Notes: Pine, Balsam, and Sandalwood


I revel in the activity and the swirl of life surrounding me. I become my best self when anchored by people I love. I open my heart and mind to opportunity and connect to the celebration and joy of the season.

Fragrance Notes: Cinnamon, Clove, Pine, Amber