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Choose Your Mood

and choosing your mood is vital to your purpose. Through her own journey, Lifetherapy Creator, Lynette Lovelace has gained a keen understanding of the challenges and choices we face along the way. She is all too familiar with the unpredictable nature of life. 


Being an accomplished restaurateur, luxury boutique owner, married mother of two, and loyal friend to many, Lynette found herself meeting many needs. All the while, no one knew she was suffering with a chronic disease, which led to multiple complicated surgeries and daily pain. Adding to that load was the surprising hurdle of her two-year old son fighting for his life with a staph infection taking over his liver. Caught completely off guard she wrestled to stay positive and stood courageously to protect her family and career.


As Lynette and her son recovered, a larger story was forming about the power of our thoughts. Over the next five years, life continued to happen. And just as things were seemingly falling into place, more unimaginable circumstances arose. Lynette needed another major surgery.  While getting back on her feet, life erupted yet again. Through a routine orthodontist x-ray, a brain lesion was discovered in her 10-year old daughter’s exam. As she watched her daughter walk this path with incredible courage, she experienced a growing understanding of the value of our choices and how we react and face each one.


Fueled with gratitude with a full recovery for all, a passion was brewing in Lynette.  She wanted to teach others about the power within each of us to steer our minds in a positive direction when things became complicated.


is a full collaboration of passion, instinct, healing and spirit —  a brand born with the intention of using our senses to impact our mood. Armed with her industry knowledge and the innate ability to connect with others, Lynette pursued her internal force. She created and formulated top-of-the-line beauty products along with colorful accessories to evoke positive changes in our mood by connecting to our sense of color, smell and touch. 

is more than just a cool slogan. We at Lifetherapy are passionate about and committed to empowering women to make every moment an opportunity to choose positive thoughts. Through our fragrances, soft t-shirts & tanks and colorful accessories, we hope to use “little indulgences” to ignite the power of your senses. 
Have you experienced a setback in life? How are you dealing with it? Or how did you overcome it? We can't control everything in life, but we can control how we respond. Share a story of how you are choosing positivity, despite your setback—and spur others to be strong.
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