In 2009, Lynette Lovelace found herself at a crossroads in her personal and professional life. Her child was going through a health challenge, and as a restauranter and boutique owner, she was struggling to find balance. She turned to aromatherapy for calm and comfort and realized how significantly those β€œtiny” investments in self-care could improve her mood. Inspired, she took a sharp right turn and decided to go into the wellness space by founding Lifetherapy.

To begin, she offered luxury bath and body products in various scents and formulas, but as it has grown, her company now includes loungewear, candles, and more. As a popular indie brand, it combines mind, body, and soul into one experience and is designed to encourage women and men alike to slow down, disconnect, and find grounding. In fact, they even have a bubble bath called β€œGrounded,” and another called β€œInspired,” if that’s more your style. Take your pick and channel your mood.

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