Fragrance and Feeling: Grounded

Fragrance and Feeling: Grounded

We know that you reach for Lifetherapy to do something for your body โ€“ be it soothe dry skin, relax in a bath of the best smelling and most efficacious bubbles, or to impart a physical fragrance that suits your style. And while we continue to create and innovate new products with those results in mind, thereโ€™s a much greater reason to infuse your day with a little Lifetherapy.ย 

We talk about feelings a lot. And in the coming weeks weโ€™ll be featuring our fragrances and the meaning they evoke. First up: Grounded!ย 

In this age of hyper-connectivity and noise coming at us from every direction and every feed, thereโ€™s never been a better time to get grounded, to offset the feeling of perpetual motion in our minds and our lives. Formulated with fresh citrus, heliotrope, dry amber, calming rose and vanilla, our grounded range comes, quite literally, wrapped with this sentiment:ย 

I am grounded, centered and at peace. I trust that I am eternally safe. From this place I can create anything.

When reaching for anything โ€“ a phone, some food, or, especially, a product, ask yourself: What do I want from this? What do I need right now? What do I need today? The answer should always validate what it is youโ€™re putting in your hands.ย 

So while you have the choice, and the presence of mind to put intention behind all decisions, make ones that reaffirm, and put you in the power position of even the most micro-encounters that make up your days.

And try this: when you wake up, before your feet even touch the floor, open your hands and touch every finger to your thumb. With each switch, repeat this: Peace. Begins. With. Me.ย 

Index: peace.ย 
Middle: begins.ย 
Ring: with
Pinky. Me.ย 

Repeat it as often as you need to, as a veil of calm and groundedness before you face your day. Reach for it when you hit traffic on your commute, have to make a tough decision, or just need a saying to pair along with deep breaths.ย 

It will ground you โ€“ which is more than a feeling. Being grounded is a presence, frame of mind, and outward expression that is beautiful beyond any external item, interaction or circumstance.



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