Choose Your Mood (It’s as Important Now as Ever)

Choose Your Mood (It’s as Important Now as Ever)

With a global pandemic underway, it feels like many choices have been taken from us: travel restrictions, scarcity of certain foods and supplies and retail closures have left us with less options, less freedom. Less choice. 

One choice though, the one that Lifetherapy has always professed as most important,  is one that cannot be taken away: the ability to Choose Your Mood. It’s as important now as ever. Choosing positivity...choosing love...choosing calm... will set the tone for your day and all that you encounter, especially during this stressful time of non-stop news and constant interruption. Choosing Your Mood is nothing short of setting yourself free: dictating how you feel, how you show up, and the lasting effect you have on others. 

Consider, for a moment, if mood were a physical object: not unlike the clothing you wear, the food that nourishes you, the décor you surround yourself with. It would have a resounding effect on how you carry yourself, how you approach tasks, how you interact with family and friends, and how you practice self-care. We seem to invest so much in things we can see that pertain to the above, though the most important investment occurs between our two ears. 

Collectively, let’s bring Choose Your Mood to the forefront as both a mantra and call to action (It just so happens we have some merch that can help). In our everyday, but especially  during challenging times like these, Choose Your Mood should be as popular as But First, Coffee or This Mom Runs on Wine and Amazon Prime. Choose Your Mood is more substantial, it holds greater significance. It's a responsibility impressed on us all. 

Mood can’t be seen but it is felt so deeply that it need not be. It is the most important choice you will make all day and, as we are fortunate to now know, it can never be taken away.



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