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A Feed that actually Feeds You

A Feed that actually Feeds You

A Feed that actually Feeds You

There are so many accounts and handles on social that induce real inspiration for us at Lifetherapy, ones that really get it right, every time: Rachel Hollis, Well+Good, Mari Andrew… We like these posts, add our comments, and save them for later. We screen shot them and share with family and friends. We think about them even when we’re not online. Lifetherapy aspires to be that source of inspiration, too.
Social media algorithms are supposedly smart enough to anticipate what we want to see and only show us that content, but more often then not, we find ourselves coming across pictures and videos in our feed that don’t “feed” us: not our minds, our hearts, or our soul. Though meant to foster connection, Social media has a way to actually isolate and disengage, though not intentioned to.
How many times have we given an account a “follow” on the fly, only to in turn be turned off by what was being shown to us? But rarely do we go back into our follow list and unclick the accounts that aren’t serving us. But you can limit the amount of news you take in. Be less influenced by “Influencers” and resist temptation to be bombarded by brands.

Social media content is an intake, it is quite literally consumed. You can take back your power and exercise choice by choosing to make your feed actually feed you, inside and out.

This week’s Seven Minutes task is an active one: we’d like you to spend the time being mindful about your social feeds, and dismiss the ones that aren’t making you feel empowered and good about yourself. Set a timer: Seven Minutes. Be decisive, get that follow list down. Be thoughtful about what you want to see. You can always re-engage with anything you miss.
But we have a feeling you will find yourself not needing to.

🖤- Lifetherapy

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