Choose Your Mood: The Power of Yellow by Lynette Lovelace, Lifetherapy

Lifetherapy Positivity in Color Bracelet Yellow

LifeLifetherapy Positivity in Color Bracelet Yellow

By Lynette Lovelace, Lifetherapy


Yellow is the color of sunshine. The sun and its golden yellow glow give warmth and sustain life. Yellow has the power to stimulate the nervous system and enhance our mental processes. It is simply a joyous, uplifting color.


Yellow commands notice because of its playful exuberance. It is no mistake that most Taxis are yellow, they are eye catching. Come to think of it, I am pretty certain I recall a couple covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues adorned by playful yellow swimsuits.

In the study of meditation and chakras, yellow is the color of the Manipura or solar plexus chakra. When this chakra is open there is great potential for realizing personal goals. It is a balance of self confidence and receptivity to others. It allows for someone to make their dreams into realities.


Put some yellow in your life when you are seeking clarity in decision making. Enjoy the happiness and rejuvenation of hope it brings to you. When you are seeking wisdom and personal growth allow yellow to inspire you.


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“Choose Your Mood”, is the philosophy behind Lynette Lovelace’s new lifestyle brand, Lifetherapy.   Lovelace created a line of luxury apothecary products inspired by the therapeutic powers of fragrance and mood.  Lovelace states her intentions naming her fragrances: Play, Vacation, Escape, Chill, and Flirt.  Products range from everyday hand crèmes, to pulse point oil roll-on perfumes, ultra rich body crèmes, hydrating body lotions and skin nourishing body scrubs. She reminds us that “mood is a choice, your feelings are contagious, and there has never been another you.”

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