Want a “Warm Glow” on World Kindness Day?

Want a “Warm Glow” on World Kindness Day?

You can boost your mood and well-being with one simple action: being kind to others. The part of the brain that responds to “rewards” like creature comforts and your favorite foods is called the striatum. Interestingly, being generous or cooperating with others activates our striatum, producing a feel-good emotion some call a “warm glow.”

Authors Jo Cutler and Robin Banerjee share Why being kind makes you feel good – according to science:

Research in psychology shows a link between kindness and well-being throughout life, starting at a very young age. In one recent study, even children in their first year of secondary school recognized how being kind can make you feel “better as a person … more complete”, leading to feelings of happiness. In fact, even just reflecting on having been kind in the past may be enough to improve teenagers’ mood.

Kind acts such as a buying someone a thoughtful present or even just a coffee strengthens friendships, and that in itself is linked to improved mood.

The psychology of kindness shows that one possible motivation is reciprocity, the returning of a favour. This can happen directly or indirectly. Someone might remember that you helped them out last time and therefore be more likely to help you in the future.

Getting engaged with charities provides a way to have a positive impact, which in turn improves mood.

Research suggests that the more someone identifies with the organization they volunteer for, the more satisfied they are.

Spending extra money on other people may be more powerful in increasing happiness than spending it on yourself.

And the best part…

Being kind may boost your mood, but research has also shown that being in a good mood can make you more kind.

So celebrate World Kindness Day with Lifetherapy! One simple, kind act today will make your day and help you #ChooseYourMood.

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