The word STRESS...

The word STRESS...

The word STRESS already creates a problem.

Maybe part of lowering the STRESS could be as simple as renaming the word. As soon as we see or hear the word it has a feeling attached to it. Our radar goes up.

By definition stress means - "When everything has become too much." In truth, I think many of us would agree, life has become too much. And it's hard to know where to begin to make change.  Even that stresses us out. 

I do have one idea. 

So much of the work I do every day in the beauty world is to teach about self care. Lowering our "stress" by taking a few minutes every day to increase our awareness in the power we each hold. The power of our mind. We need a better mindset to deal with the daily grind as mothers, teachers, friends, spouses, employers, employees. 

Maybe the mind could just go to a different place - our senses can help us do that. The power of of smell is known to be the most powerful of our senses. Quickly taking us to another place with just the whiff of a particular scent. Lifetherapy was born out of a "stressed out time" when I couldn't see in front of me; and I had an aha moment during a self care moment. Scent can take me away. It can give me an instant lift and carry me to a better place. Hit the reset button. De-stress. The knowledge that came in this moment was that the thoughts in my mind were controlling my mood. 

I created a brand about releasing the mind for a moment. Using scent to take a VACATION, CHILL-out, internal FLIRTing, creating PLAY time, a needed ESCAPE. This is not meant to be complicated, just encouraging enough that you take a few minutes out in your daily shower for a "scent release", draw a beautiful bubble bath and lose yourself in a Hawaiian getaway, even if only for a few minutes. 

This is my best advice. Rename the word, or take a vacation.

xx- Lynette

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