The Quick Hand & Foot Massage

The Quick Hand & Foot Massage

Today’s 7-minute a.m. obsession is simple self-care act that makes a difference when it comes to the rest of your day. All it takes is a timer (it’s easy enough to use the one on your phone) and your favorite Lifetherapy Hydrating Body Lotion. Grounded, Transformed, or Loved make great choices for a little morning pick-me-up.

Here’s how to get started: Slather a little lotion onto your hands and give yourself a hand massage for 3.5 minutes (set your timer!). Start with your forearms using medium pressure. Then, move on to focus on the area in between your thumb and forefinger to relieve stress, then move onto the palm of the hand, finishing off with a quick massage of each of the ten fingers. Don’t forget your cuticles, which can always use a little extra hydration — especially in the winter months. It may be helpful to prop up your elbow on a surface like a table while you do your massage.

Then, it’s foot massage time. Set your timer for 3.5 minutes and give your feet a thorough rub using the lotion. Gently press your thumbs along the soles of your feet from your heels to your toes, then give the toes themselves a bit of love by pressing on the pads of the toes for a few seconds each. Progress to the ball of the foot, the arch, and the heel before doing the same on the other foot. If you still have time, massage your ankles and lower legs a bit. Put on your socks and get ready for the day.

This mini self-care indulgence is so effective and takes minimal effort. Try it at least twice a week to unwind and relax.



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