{Self Service} Word Up.

{Self Service} Word Up.

There’s nothing quite like an inspirational quote to cut right to the heart of what we need to hear at a particular moment. Inspirational quotes have a way of imparting feelings like hope, motivation or gratitude but most importantly, they validate what we’re feeling at times when we can’t necessarily find the words ourselves. 

Instagram provides an endless number of inspirational quotes, as does the rest of the digital world. Google “inspirational quotes” and 343 million results come back. Popular speakers like Gabby Bernstein, Rachel Hollis and countless others have made a business out of saying what we want to hear at the exact time we need to hear it. It’s like she’s speaking directly to me is a thought we’ve had more than once when attending their events, surrounded by *thousands* of other women who undoubtedly were feeling exactly the same. 

But inspirational quotes underserve if they don’t spark action. It’s one thing to read, hear or feel something that resonates, it’s next-level to act as a result of it. Here are some of our favorite quotes that have sparked action for us and others we know, and we hope they are able to serve you, too: 

“Life will fill in to fit and follow your decisions” -unknown

When to use it: 

When you finally decide to take that first step – to start that new business, to be vulnerable, or to leave a relationship.

“I really believe that if I want something, God has three answers. It’s either Yes; Yes, but not right now; or No, because I have something better in store for you.” – Kerry Washington

When to use it: 

When you find out you didn’t get – what you thought – was your dream job. When you find out your feelings for him aren’t mutual. When you’re holding out hope. 

“Worrying won’t stop the bad stuff from happening, but it will stop you from enjoying the good” – unknown

When to use it: 

When you feel guilty about taking me-time. When your mind races to worst-case scenario. When you want to live in the moment. 

The important thing to remember is not to keep these quotes static. Save them in IG. Write them down when you hear them. Share them with others. Spend Seven Minutes this week and write down three quotes that *move* you, and 1 or 2 subsequent actions you’ll take as a result of it. 

Because though our world seems to be a cacophony of inspirational quotes, it’s a disservice to yourself to not use the ones that express exactly what you need to hear. They’re there to serve us, with their wisdom and beautiful prose, and can be as every bit essential to our personal growth as anything else. 



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