Last week, we had the pleasure of attending Rachel Hollis’ RISE Business conference in Charleston, South Carolina. To say we are inspired is an understatement. We are empowered, we are motivated, we are renewed in our purpose. 

In every way, Lifetherapy is exemplary of the ethos of RISE: The importance of small business, the impact of the founder’s ethos, and the emotional connection that must be made with consumers. RISE Business reminded us that little Lifetherapy is poised for big things: We’ve always checked all the boxes above, but our commitment to never wavering from serving a higher purpose: for our company, for our customers, and for society.

Lifetherapy believes in the power of positivity – and our products are just a conduit for feelings. We want your skin to be moisturized as much as we want peace for your mindset. We want you to feel good so you can do great things. We want you to choose us for your home just as you would choose a friend in your life.

Today’s Seven Minutes isn’t a task, but rather, a gift from us to you. On the occasion of RISE and in an effort to extend the positive energy we continue to feel, we’d like to offer Seven Minutes readers a discount on the bath and body collections we shared with fellow “Risers.” It’s our way of saying thank you to our longtime customers, a welcome to our new fans, and a nod to Rachel herself, who infused so much energy and enthusiasm that has lasting effects far beyond Seven Minutes.

Use code RISEON on for 20% off sitewide now through Friday. 



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