October Surprises

October Surprises

We do love a surprise and historically, during an election year, October is full of them. But we love a surprise of a different sort: the kind that delights. The kind that introduces us to new things. The kind that is apolitical and is only chiefly concerned with care. 

Lifetherapy offers 5 signature fragrances designed to help you get grounded, stay energized, be inspired, feel loved, and become transformedBut sometimes with scent, decisiveness eludes, so we thought of a way we can surprise our fans and followers with an uplifting mood, by choosing it for them. 

Exclusively on Instagram, Lifetherapy has started offering unscheduled – surprise – mystery boxes. Always a guaranteed value of at least $70 for nearly half the price, Mystery boxes include an evolving assortment across bath and body care, home goods and wearable clothing and accessories. Thoughtfully packaged for a gift-at-the-ready, mystery boxes are our way of sending surprising scents that delight. Surprising-and-delighting is something we love to do, because we’re in the business of effecting positive moods.

But what’s your personal version of the mystery box? What can you offer to surprise and delight those around you? 

Maybe it’s a note in your child’s lunchbox, or a generous tip on a dinner tab. There really is never a shortage of opportunities to go above to delight someone’s day. And this year even more so. 

So sometime this month, spend seven minutes outlining seven surprises: one for every day of the week. They can be extravagant or no-cost, overt or subtle, known or anonymous. You’ll know the intended effect was achieved when the surprise leaves both you and the recipient with more joy than before. 



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