New Year, New Places, New Faces

New Year, New Places, New Faces

We’re honored to be in your inbox today, on the dawn of a new decade. At Lifetherapy, we’re gearing up for 2020 to be a banner year for the brand: you’ll see us in new - really exciting - places, and we’re growing our team, adding some new faces to scale our business and spread the positivity that is uniquely Lifetherapy. 

Lifetherapy’s growth is exemplary of the expansion we want to bring to our personal lives too. And through Seven Minutes, we want to help you achieve the same for yours. Forget resolutions - that word alone is a guarantee that they’ll come and go. Instead, focus on goals - therein is a better approach to ensuring they stay. 

Places...people: this year, where do you want to go? Who will help you get there?

Places don’t have to be a physical location. They can be destinations for a new mental outlook or a spiritual state. By focusing on expansion of the mind, body and soul, we can arrive at positive places that aren’t necessarily found on a map. People are the tools that will help us get there. Friends, family, professionals - even strangers we’ve yet to meet - can all serve as a means to an end for our goals. People are living reminders of the power we hold to make magic happen. 

For Seven Minutes this morning, give thought to the place you want to arrive at this year, and to the people who will help you get there and who will remain present upon arrival. As we close out the decade and this year’s holiday season, this exercise is truly a gift you give to your future self.

And we’ll be here, growing in our own ways right alongside you. 

Happy New Year Beautiful.



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