Energize with Katie Mueller from Plate28 | #ENERGIZE

Energize with Katie Mueller from Plate28 | #ENERGIZE

Continuing our Energize, Refresh, and Renew series, we are featuring Katie Mueller, Co-Founder of Plate28. For the month of April we will be featuring our favorite female fitness entrepreneurs to find out how they stay energized, balanced, and motivated.

This week we meet Katie Mueller, owner/trainer at Plate28, a 28 minute workout that uses Power Plates for whole body vibration training. On the Power Plate, your muscles contract at a rate of 30-50 times per second. This machine delivers unconscious movement creating natural reflexes within our bodies. Your muscles can’t help but contract when you are on the Power Plate. Muscle contractions = strength + toning.


What day to day activities do you do to help you feel energized?

I'm not a creature of habit and get bored easily, so there are really just 2 activities I do daily to feel good.

One, is getting on the Power Plate. Every. Single. Day. Since opening PLATE28, having energy is never a problem for me. I feel like a million bucks ...and I feel younger. I think this has everything to do with the good vibrations delivered by the Power Plate. 

Second, I commit to at least 10 minutes of alone time w/ 100% quiet 2x per day, every day.


What is the importance of these activities for you?

The PLATE28 community and the Power Plate machine have changed my life for the better. I literally yearn for vibration training and am addicted to the way I feel after using it each day.

Walking into PLATE28 each morning, helping and engaging with our community on a daily basis is unbelievably fulfilling. I have a reciprocal relationship with all of our clients, I help them get the energy and strength they need to take on their day and they in turn make me feel strong and confident.

Then, there are these magical vibrations. Getting on the plate solves any issue I wake up with - whether it's the day-to-day stresses of life, muscle soreness or tightness, energy and or my thyroid issues. After a few months of practice on the plate, I need less thyroid medication, which is a win in my book.

As I've gotten older I've notice that the constant stimulation from all aspects of my fabulous life (wife, mother, sister, friend, entrepreneur) takes its toll. I've learned my brain can only handle so much. I've found if I take a few minutes each day of complete, 100% quiet time I return to life in a better place. This time is restorative for me, it allows for new, open brain space for me to develop more crazy ideas then execute.


How do you motivate others to welcome fitness and wellness into their lives? 

By setting a good example, communicating what works for me, and helping others find what works for them. What works for me might not work for you, but we all owe it to ourselves to spend the time to figure out what does work.  I also try my best to ensure Plate28 is open and friendly to people in all stages of fitness - that was one of our founding principles when we opened. We want people at all fitness levels to feel welcome and well supported.


 What does balance look like for you? 

I really have no idea. My family, friends, and PLATE28 are all such important aspects of my life that I don't think I have balance. I take one day at a time and prioritize what I need most out of that particular day which means if I need extra hugs from my husband and kids I make sure I get that, if I need my girlfriends I meet them for a 1pm cocktail and PLATE28 is never ending so when I need a break from it....I tell myself...that list will still be there tomorrow.


 What is your favorite fitness or wellness tip to give?

Somehow, in some way incorporate whole body vibration training into your life. Buy a plate, go to a gym that has one or of course, come to PLATE28. Secondly, always have an uplifting, easily accessible playlist readily available to sing and dance!

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