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How Would YOU Answer This Question?

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How Would YOU Answer This Question?

It's been a minute—okay, a month—so how are you? It was an unsure time when Seven Minutes last emailed, but it seems like an unsure time now ever still. We hope this finds you and yours well. 

So much has happened since we last emailed, and while social distancing, masks and endless hand sanitizer are all adjustments we've made and seemingly will stay with us for the foreseeable future, we want to ask: How are you, really? You don’t have to answer right away…

Because while it's a common question, it doesn't require a quick response. Now more than ever—we need to be honest, not just with ourselves, but with each other too. It’s hard to think of any population that hasn’t endured hardship as of late. So, we’re making it a point to add meaning behind ‘How are you?’ when we ask—our friends, loved ones, and acquaintances—in conversation, emails and phone calls. And we want to infuse the same meaning to our Lifetherapy family here, too. 

The tangled mess of our feelings is real. If you want to share your mood, shoot us a note. We care about our Lifetherapy community and want a dialogue. In addition to sharing with us, we also invite you to take this opportunity to explore your response in a more contemplative manner, just for your own knowing. Write down your thought patterns, creative escapes (or mental traps), diet, surroundings, hopes, fears. Don't discount whatever comes up for you. More than ever before, we need to be honest with our feelings and gentler on ourselves for having them. ‘How are you?’ Is a simple disguise for thought-provoking introspection. Don’t miss an occasion to delve in to it.   

Because becoming clear on your feelings during this time will help to strengthen your integrity and emotional intelligence. You’ll become more self-aware and simultaneously more attune to others. Clarity that comes from self-awareness will ensure you always have an answer to the question you’re so often asked. 



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