Fragrance & Feeling: Transformed

Fragrance & Feeling: Transformed

Fragrance & Feeling: Transformed

In the original iteration of Lifetherapy, our ‘Transformed’ line was called “Vacation,” because we felt strongly that the ingredients – Polynesian Coconut, White Orchid and Sandalwood – each had the unique ability to simultaneously stimulate and relax…just like a vacation does.

Six months ago, we changed the “Vacation” line to “Transformed,” because we realized it was a more appropriate name for taking your body, mind, and whole self somewhere else. Women who reach for transformed relate to that feeling – or want someone else to feel that way. They don’t want to feel stuck, they are empowered by choice, they evolve, are open and curious and willing to change.

More than any other Lifetherapy scent – and perhaps more than any emotion within ‘all the feels,’ Transformed perfectly ladders up to the idea of being able to choose your mood. Because choice is the source of transformation. Like transformation’s mantra, the power of choice says: 

I hold a clear vision of my life’s journey. I am not afraid of change. I live fully for the highest good.

When we talk to our fans and followers about Transformed, we’ve heard all kinds of amazing stories of women stepping up to do brave things, embracing a professional “second act” or powerful moments of reinvention. We celebrated those successes then and invite you to embrace the same thoughtful change yourself. 

For Seven Minutes in the Morning this week, put some stock in to what transformation means to you, personally. Have you experienced transformation or do you long to? What aspect of your life is ready for transformation, and what is holding it back? What do you need to get there? Give it some thought; write it in a letter to yourself. You’re always welcome to share your stories with us, too, we love to hear them and help bring about a transformation in your life’s journey. 

Aug 05, 2019

Where are the fragrances?

Arlene Marshack

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