Fragrance and Feeling: Inspired

Fragrance and Feeling: Inspired

There’s no shortage of suggested inspiration out there. Everything from IG posts to presidential hopefuls seek to inspire. But along with being bombarded with inspiration, sometimes it’s easy to feel like the sources of inspiration care more about being thought of as inspiring, instead of being actually practical.

Lifetherapy has words of inspiration – no doubt – and we share them often. We have a whole product range dedicated to the feeling. 

But what Lifetherapy can offer, that a digital IG post cannot, is the science of aromachology, (that is, scents that influence emotion) which act as a megaphone for the words. 

Our inspired line is infused with Gardenia, pineapple leaf, sensuous musk and palm bark to lift you. The woman that reaches for Inspired relates to this mantra: 

I am awakened to the flow of divine inspiration as it connects with the wisdom of my deepest self. I share my spirit freely and with ease.

We are a fragrance brand that reminds you that your thoughts become your reality - what you think you become. Words are helpful but they can be flat, so just as you nourish your body with nutrients that make you feel good, so too should the scents you select. 

Your day is going to be filled with peaks and valleys: highs and lows that provide extroversion and introspection. To us, inspiration is the choices of decisions that are made during the inevitable in-and-out, up-and-down flow. 

Today, tomorrow or any morning this week, we invite you to take an inspiration inventory. Are you only inspired by photos on a screen, or words on a page? Are there decisions you make, things you purchase that afforded the option of choice but, you ultimately did not select one that inspires? Try to think of one thing from each of these categories: people, products, places, pictures and prose, and diversify your inspiration. Find it in all things and you will soon find it easily in yourself.

🖤- Lifetherapy

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