An Essential Vacation

An Essential Vacation

FINALLY, it’s time for living in the sunshine, diving in the sea and drinking in the wild air. The three golden months of relaxation and vacationing. But between juggling a job, squeezing in workouts, new projects & hobbies you’ve been trying to start, who has time to take off for an actual vacation to relieve all that stress.

The warm and sensuous Vacation fragrance collection from Lifetherapy -- with notes of Polynesian coconut, white orchid and sandalwood -- will relax, rejuvenate and revitalize your mood. Real beauty, is often in our frame of mind. Sometimes you have to transport yourself there.

Step into the shower and use the Skin Nourishing Body Scrub ($34)-- made with raw turbinado sugar & sea salt to naturally exfoliate the skin without any irritations. Infused with pure virgin coconut oil & organic jojoba oil our scrub effectively moisturizes and hydrates the skin to leave a lasting feeling of freshness and relaxation. Next rub in our Vacation Hydrating Body Lotion ($24) made with organic shea butter and breath in the relaxing vibes. Finish with our Vacation Pulse Point Oil Roll-on Perfume and replenish throughout the day. We use organic sunflower oil as the base of this roll-on perfume, which eliminates the risk of drying out your skin (as it is alcohol free) and makes the scent super long lasting so you can enjoy it the entire day long wherever your travels take you.

The next morning you will wake up revitalized feeling like you returned from an exotic relaxing vacation. Everyone desires that natural glow in their skin that a vacation so frequently leaves lingering, the products we’ve created here at Lifetherapy aim to maintain just that.

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