Day 6: Lifetherapy Celebrates Women in March 2016

Day 6: Lifetherapy Celebrates Women in March 2016

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Day 6

The weekend is here! And if you haven’t had time to read all the articles, this would be a good time to catch up. Here’s the rundown so far on how to empower the women in your life:

  1. Make a decision to be a source of hope
  2. Mentor and support other women
  3. Share your experiences
  4. Keep growing
  5. Make plans to celebrate on Tuesday, March 8th

Today we dig a little deeper and look across the globe. Life can be challenging. And for those women who are isolated, often in the midst of poverty, violence or post-war regions, it can be a constant uphill battle.

Partner with Non-Profits

Many talk about helping; few actually do. Jennifer Windsor, CEO of Women for Women International (WWI), is an impressive soul who leads a non-profit that is making a difference. WWI is helping marginalized women affected by war and conflict develop a greater understanding of their own power. They empower and work with women to improve their families and communities through business skills and entrepreneurship.

The goal is to build strong countries through strong women. When given the skills and support, women can turn crisis into victory. Astoundingly, these women show us what it means to gain the confidence to take risks, determination to improve their lot in life and leadership skills to grow a business.

Launching a business is darn tough. We at Lifetherapy know this. So we raise our glasses to all the women who are walking courageously and doing what most think is impossible…. while in the middle of devastating circumstances. Amazing!!

If this speaks to your heart, consider partnering with non-profit organizations that are making a difference in the lives of less fortunate women who refuse to give up.  There are many good organizations to choose from. Here is a list by Entrepreneur magazine that might help you get started in your own research. Thanks for having a heart for women!

p.s. choose your MOOD!

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