Simply overwhelmed.

Lifetherapy Simply Overwhelmed

Should we even put “simple” and overwhelmed” in the same sentence? I guess that’s where it begins with me today – how can I simplify, as to not be so overwhelmed. 

Go ahead and imagine this – I am actually lying in bed on the heating pad with a crook in my neck. But heck – why lay still and relax, I might as well get something off my to-do list. The only thing I can do right now is write. Pillow propped up with I Pad wedged in between the comforter and a position that is tolerable; I begin to tackle a project. Actually pretty funny…NOT. 

I know that I am wired to “do” – I just wish that I knew how to NOT “do” so much. I have projects and lists, and reach outs, and daily tasks that just can’t get done if I am not the one doing them. As a small business owner, with big dreams – I am always struggling with the balance. I actually have no one pushing me, as a matter of fact, I likely have more people encouraging me to slow down than to push forward, but in my own mind, this fascination, this passion to make a difference in the lives of those around me motivates me to keep going and going to become a household brand name. There is power in positivity and I intend to be sure everyone knows this.

I admit – we can be counter productive when we tackle too much, but I believe so many of my fellow entrepreneurs could relate and finish this story for me – “We can’t stop now, the momentum is building and the breakthrough could be at any given moment”. I feel blessed that I love what I do. There isn’t a day that goes by that I wish I didn’t have to go into the office – or work on the brand. I love spreading positivity, I love learning about other women and their journeys – I love the discovery process when someone new learns about us and we impact their day. I only yearn to see that day when I can spread the to-do’s out a little, and share with a like minded visionary the insane passion that drives me every single day to make the world a better place of possibilities.

I do struggle with the right place to focus my time and talents. Like many creative people, I can’t always see the path of delegation and process to achieve such big goals. It takes discipline and focus to maneuver through the cycles of growing a brand. When I say I have big dreams for this brand – you can’t even begin to imagine. I want to build a platform so I can give back the fundamentals  to make this world a better place for those who have struggled or been trapped in a world where positivity seemed impossible. I know it is possible, and it begins with nurturing ourselves. A simple scent to ignite the awareness of the power of our thoughts, a meaningful bracelet with a color that reflects our mood, ~ just subtle reminders of the power we have within ourselves to CHOOSE a better way of living.

Trying to remind myself today that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that I need to also CHOOSE to be gentle with my achievements and abilities to do it all at once… I am making a difference in my efforts and sometimes the To DO list is actually the exact thing we need NOT to do.

Talk to me about how you relate. What strategies do you have to tell yourself that it’s all going to get done and it’s ok to rest? I mean we all KNOW how to tell someone else to do this – but how do we REALLY follow our own advice.  I’d love to hear your thoughts -- xxLynette

Oct 30, 2015

Hi Lynettte, Since I’m retired I don’t have to rush to do anything as long as I give myself enough time to get dressed. Of course, sometimes I’m running a little late and I have to rush. That doesn’t happen very often. When we owned our own business(we owned grocery stores from 1973 to 1995) I had to be organized. We also had two children to get to school, etc. Sometimes I did get overwhelmed with work and home, but I am very patient and didn’t get upset too often. I love your products and I feel certain that your business will continue to grow because of your philosophy of life. By the way in Texas we say we have a crick in our necks. I hope that you get over your crick/crook soon.

Nancy Barnard

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