Calling ALL Moms... Help!


What mother can tell me she understands. QUICK. I need support. LIFE. SUPPORT. 

I have turned into someone I do not know. I am literally crying if you look at me. I am literally crying if you don’t. I am literally crying all the time.

My first born is “going back to school” ~ COLLEGE that is, and I cannot get it together. I had no idea. Why did I have no idea. How. Hard. This. Would. Be.

I know millions of you have gone before me, and millions will follow, and we will all essentially be fine. But please, someone give me some real honest tips on what to do. I talk to people about positivity and moods everyday, and suddenly I am at a loss for words. Nothing. I have nothing to say to myself to feel better. I want to run away. I do not want to do this. I am afraid.

Suddenly the piles don’t bother me anymore, the attitude is actually cute, and the clothes that are missing from my closet aren’t my favorites anymore. She can have them. She can leave the mess, and she can actually talk back to me. I don’t care. I just don’t want her to go. I want everything to stay the same. We leave Monday by the way. On a plane.

Ok, Ok – of course I get it. She has to go. I want her to go. I just need some tools to adjust my mood. I need to hear stories of how it “goes fast” and she will be back home in the “blink of an eye”. Stories that it really is ok and there will be a new normal. Please share with me. Tell me that it’s really OK to be processing every single detail of her life. Remind me this is a beautiful step in her life and we will be savoring new and exciting life moments that we never knew existed between mother and daughter.

Xx Lynette

Aug 08, 2015

I’ll never forget the moment we pulled away from her. She was So excited! I had to put on my coat of armor & stay strong. This was Her time. She called Havighurst Hall her new “Home”. That crushed me. Her home was with us. I prayed the 5 hour journey home that she would text or call me often. She did. Everyday with new & exciting things. Yours will too! Enjoy her new journey wity her. ?.

Aug 08, 2015

We all have to stick together! #momclub #strongertogether

Aug 08, 2015

Ok, now I’M laying in my bed across the street…..CRYING:) I have no words either. Just big hugs for you whenever you need them! God knows I’m gonna need ’em soon!?

Aug 08, 2015

Thank you for the wise words ladies. I am grateful for the strength in others right now that assure me we will walk through this with beautiful gifts all around – and that it’s NEW teritory for our family unit and we will only build on the foundation that we have been building the past 18 years togehter. Truth is, I will just miss her beautiful spirit that she fills our home with on each and every day. It’s normal.I know. I’ll get there. #positivity #prayers

Aug 08, 2015

This post has strangely propelled me both forward and back in time. Forward, imagining myself in your shoes 14 years from now dropping my own daughter off at school. Back, remembering my own mother an emotional crying wreck 16 years ago when I left home for the first time. I didn’t fully get it then, about how very upset she was, but I knew I was loved deeply and would be missed…something not all girls can say. Lynette, you’ve taught her how to fly. Now she’s gotta go try if she’s ever gonna succeed. Good moms let go even though they don’t want to because it’s a necessary act for their babies learning how to use wings. You are a good mom. It’s ok to cry. A lot. It shows you love her. A lot. While I don’t have any wisdom for you from experience, I have this feeling that it is ok, even necessary to grieve this loss in your life. And I can pray for you, for her. Just as I remember learning after leaving, I pray she will flap and flutter, flail and swoop, dive and ultimately learn how to soar. And good golly, I’ll cry with you. The thought of dropping my baby off in 14 years makes me cry even now.

Aug 07, 2015

i wish I could tell you it will all be ok in a few weeks, more than likely, it might not. The room that stays clean,, Not having to stay awake until she gets home somehow doesn’t seem as important as it once did, but you do realize you have to let go and trust you have taught her right from wrong and she will come back a better, smarter mire mature young lady. Thank God for Facetime today. Think of it as she is in the next room texting or calling you as she might actually have done while home. Just let her know you love her with all you heart and she is always welcome to come back at any time. I don’t believe a Mom ever gets used to her daughters leaving. Even today after a visit, I hate to see you girls leave; it is just part of being a Mom. Give her a big hug from me too. Can’t wait for our first visit! Luv you 2 the Moon and Back!


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