Choose Your Mood: The Power of Orange

Lifetherapy Positivity In Color Bracelet Orange

Lifetherapy Positivity In Color Bracelet Orange

By Lynette Lovelace, Lifetherapy

Orange is more than just a certain celebrity chef’s color choice for Crocs.Orange is a power color and useful in granting energy. It is a combination color derived from red/power and yellow/happiness the results are energetic joy and enthusiasm.


When I think of orange, a tropical vacation comes to mind. The color is actually known to increase oxygen supply to the brain so it is invigorating and stimulating just as a good vacation should be!Orangeis also synonymous with citrus fruit which we all know to be healthy for us. In the study of meditation and chakras,Orangeis the color of the second to lowest chakra. Svadhisthana is the name given to the region below the navel and associated with vitality, will, and reproduction. Stimulating this chakra stimulates sexual energy, emotions, and creativity once again, sort of like a great vacation.


If you are seeking to put some positive happy energy in your life think orange. Allow yourself relief from taking things too seriously. Be encouraged and stimulated to embrace life with greater energy and vigor. Greet the days with renewed creative zest!


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“Choose Your Mood”, is the philosophy behind Lynette Lovelace’s new lifestyle brand, Lifetherapy.   Lovelace created a line of luxury apothecary products inspired by the therapeutic powers of fragrance and mood.  Lovelace states her intentions naming her fragrances: Play, Vacation, Escape, Chill, and Flirt.  Products range from everyday hand crèmes, to pulse point oil roll-on perfumes, ultra rich body crèmes, hydrating body lotions and skin nourishing body scrubs. She reminds us that “mood is a choice, your feelings are contagious, and there has never been another you.”

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