Choose Your Mood: The Power of Green

Green color meaning

By Lynette Lovelace, Lifetherapy

Green is the color of life, and harmony in nature. It symbolizes balance as it suggests both states of freshness and of flourishing. In nature we find countless valuable resources and cherished escapes from our modern day lives.


The color green is said to have healing powers. It is the most restful color to the human eye. It is a color associated with hope. Green is also a good listener as it loves to observe, and enjoys contributing to society.  It is a charity worker, a good parent, and the helpful neighbor. To become grounded in nature is to feel safe and secure in your roots into this world and to others.


Green promotes love of nature, family, friends and home. It is the color of the heart chakra at the center of the chest. This chakra bridges the gap between the spiritual world and the physical world. Add some green to your life when you need a new deeper sense of balance. There are many non material goods to be gained but I would be remiss not to say that green is also associated with money. The color also assists one to feel more safety in trying economic times allowing you to move forward and pursue new ideas.

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“Choose Your Mood”, is the philosophy behind Lynette Lovelace’s new lifestyle brand, Lifetherapy.   Lovelace created a line of luxury apothecary products inspired by the therapeutic powers of fragrance and mood.  Lovelace states her intentions naming her fragrances: Play, Vacation, Escape, Chill, and Flirt.  Products range from everyday hand crèmes, to pulse point oil roll-on perfumes, ultra rich body crèmes, hydrating body lotions and skin nourishing body scrubs. She reminds us that “mood is a choice, your feelings are contagious, and there has never been another you.”

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