How to Discover the Real You and Then Some

How to Discover the Real You and Then Some


One life. That’s it. And what a gift it is! 

This world is a big place. And truly, you want to see as much of it as you can. Be a traveler by heart and a learner by design. Prone to wander let your mind be intrigued with new places, new cultures, new experiences… really new anything. Sound familiar?

Traveling Allows Me to Discover

The beach... everyone loves the beach! Exploring all kinds of places, however, opens you up to new possibilities. It follows my motto: Traveling allows you to discover so many different versions of yourself.

For sure, there is that tranquil, fun coconut smell that draws you to Hawaii or Cabo, a staple in our Vacation repertoire! But, there are also times when remembering the train trip in the mountains of Alaska or hiking along the breathtaking scenery of the Amalfi Coastal Trail in Italy or skiing Smugglers Notch in Stowe, Vermont, can also expand your ability to think of solutions.




Discovering the Best Versions of You

There is something about the different experiences that helps you expand your vision of what is possible in this life. You seem to come back with a greater sense of appreciation for what you do have. And in those stressful moments of life, you can draw upon a memory of a time when you felt like the best version of you. And it's awesome that there are many best versions of you!

Again, the beach can bring out a calm peaceful feeling. The mountains can bring out that grandeur feeling of knowing there is more to this life than you're currently facing. The exhilaration of skiing down the slopes and the ensuing cozy hot chocolate in the lodge afterward can remind you that looking a challenge head on can also have sweet rewards.

All these experiences help you create a life worth living with opportunities to learn and discover. Sailing away from safe harbors feels like an open invitation to really live. I love vacationing and seeing the world's marvels. When you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.

What To Do When Opportunity Arises

So when opportunity arises, and they always will, think of your last vacation. In a bad mood, draw on your past experiences to help you navigate those waters. When opportunities for dreaming and exploring come, never pass those up!  This is your life, your very own journey. Live it the way you want and create your own experiences.

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