The One Thing You Have Permission to Do During Stressful TImes

The One Thing You Have Permission to Do During Stressful TImes


Friends are among our most cherished treasures. Sometimes it's important to get away and clear your head with that one friend that just feels safe.

Permission to Pause

Often a green tea can calm your mood making you a little more receptive to information that friends might want to share.

For example, psychologists estimate you have 65,000 thoughts a day and 85% of them are negative. Some address the need to deal with this onslaught of negativity by staying connected to your core values and intentions. This can help you stay positive and confident.

Another perspective is that when there is so much noise, there is a greater need for quiet and peace. When challenges fluster you and throw you off, consider my motto: you have permission to pause.





Quiet Reflection Brings Focus

Meditation and slowing down can help you find you again. And then you're able to be present and connect with all that you are and make solid decisions from that place. In those quiet reflective moments, it’s a lot easier to think about what you could learn from these challenging situations.

For starters, you can start to see the silver lining. In the computer challenge, it became easier to see that Lynette would be getting a new computer. And new things are always fun, which brought hope and sense of purpose. Transforming those challenging circumstances into something useful can bring a much needed lightness.

Intuitively, you know that something good could come of challenges. When you take the time to quiet your mind, you are able to hear more clearly your intuition and drown out the noise.

What To Do When Noise Happens

So when noise comes, and it will come, remember me Ms. Escape and my simple and easy motto: you have permission to pause. Inner peace, honoring your need for a quiet retreat and paying attention to your own intuition are all great things to do in stressful times.

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~ Ms. Escape

p.s. choose your MOOD



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