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Turquoise Protection & Confidence

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Each piece of handmade jewelry features our signature turquoise stone symbolizing friendship, protection, and good fortune. *Turquoise silk wrap only available with OM charm. Also note silk color may differ, slightly darker turquoise.

  • 34" handmade 100% silk wrap bracelet, OM charm
  • Carved Yak bone, metal, trade and Tibetan prayer beads.
  • Packaged with color card and charm card


TURQUOISE recharges the spirit during times of mental stress. Give turquoise to a loved one to protect them from negative energy and bring about good fortune. Add turquoise when you want to increase self confidence, strengthen your health, and express honest communication in friendship, love, and loyalty.




Om is the sacred symbol and sound of the universe. Representing the most important of all mantras it is the representation of the Supreme Being. Meditating on this sacred symbol is said to bring inner peace and harmony.


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