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Renew the Soul Box

$ 116.00

Renew from the inside out: a mind-body sensorial experience awaits with this gift box, customizable by scent. Indulge the body with refreshing H.Hazel Eye Gels, Moisturizing Balm from Sasawashi Kumazasa and a mini wash and lotion in the Lifetherapy mood of your choice. For the mind, relax with Organic Meigetsu Green Tea in our popular choose your mood mug, and top it all off by elevating your space with a same-scent votive. 

Box Set Includes:
  • Organic Meigetsu Green Tea Bags
  • H.Hazel Eye Gels
  • Sasawashi Kumazasa Balm
  • Choose Your Mood Mug
  • Mini Body Lotin & Wash Duo
  • 2.5 OZ. Soy Candle Votive
  • Box with bow

Choose your favorite fragrance and you will receive the mini body lotion & wash and a 2.5 OZ. soy votive candle in your chosen scent.

Fragrance Notes
Fragrance + Mood


Fresh Citrus | Heliotrope | Dry Amber | Calming Rose | Vanilla

  • Fresh Citrus - Energizing and revitalizing. It refreshes the mind and clears the senses
  • Heliotrope - This comforting flower creates balance and openness
  • Dry Amber - Has calming effects and is able to combat stress and anxiety
  • Calming Rose - Uplifts mood, soothes anxiety and feelings of depression. Creates a sense of harmony
  • Vanilla - Rich, sensuous and tranquil


Jasmine | Red Orange | Marsh Grass | Peach Skin

  • Jasmine - Impacts mood and promotes healing. Acts as an antidepressant and enhances spiritual connection.
  • Red Orange - Energizing and revitalizing. Refreshes the mind and clears the senses
  • Marsh Grass - Fresh cut greens evokes feelings of happiness and relaxes the mind
  • Peach Skin - Brings us back to the sweetness of youth and nature


Gardenia | Pineapple Leaf | Sensuous Musk | Palm Bark

  • Gardenia - Strengthening, stimulating and uplifting
  • Pineapple Leaf - Softening, nurturing and healing
  • Sensuous Musk - Meditative, relaxing, inspires imagination
  • Palm Bark - Warming, restoring and healing


Bergamot | Water Flowers | Coconut | Muguet | Rose

  • Bergamot - Calms emotions, soothes, clarifies and cleanses
  • Water Flowers - Refreshes and awakens
  • Coconut - Balances, Improves energy and clears the mind
  • Muguet - Inspires openness, acceptance, and sensuousness
  • Rose - Relaxes, warms, and romances


Polynesian Coconut | White Orchid | Warm Sugar | Sandalwood

  • Polynesian Coconut - Balances, Improves energy and clears the mind
  • White Orchid - Stimulates, calms and clears
  • Warm Sugar - Relaxes with a childlike essence
  • Sandalwood - Creates mental clarity and relaxation. Stimulates spiritual awakening and boosts in memory