Mood Boost Gift Box

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$ 85.00

Start the day by choosing your mood! We made this box set as a reminder that your mood is your choice - soothe those over washed dry hands with our best-selling moisturizing handcréme, clear the air by smudging with our Choose Your Mood Ecuadorian Palo Santo Bundle, then fill up your choose your mood mug with your favorite hot (or cold) drink.

Box set includes

  • Moisturizing Handcréme, 4 OZ.
  • Body Wash & Bubbling Bath, 12 OZ.
  • Choose Your Mood Coffee Mug in your choice of White or Grey
  • Choose Your Mood Ecuadorian Palo Santo Bundle
  • Gift Wrap included (box with bow)

Choose your favorite fragrance and you will receive all products listed above in your chosen scent.