Inspired at Home-Diffuser & Candle Set

$ 116.00

Reach your highest potential and let your creativity take flight with our Inspired duo. Notes of gardenia, pineapple leaf, sensuous musk and palm bark connect you deeply to your senses and your intuition. 

Gift set includes:

  • 75hr Burn Time Soy Candle, 10 OZ.
  • Reed Diffuser, 8 OZ.
I am awakened to the flow of divine inspiration
as it connects with the wisdom of my deepest self.
I share my spirit freely and with ease.

 Gardenia | Pineapple Leaf | Sensuous Musk | Palm Bark

Know you are alive with unlimited potential and stand in the strengthening power of gardenia. Soften and nurture your imagination with sensuous musk and pineapple leaf. Be restored by the healing properties of palm bark.