Brown Wholesome & Stability

Brown Wholesome & Stability

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Each piece of handmade jewelry features our signature turquoise stone symbolizing friendship, protection, and good fortune.

  • 34" handmade 100% silk wrap bracelet
  • Carved Yak bone, metal, trade and Tibetan prayer beads.
  • Packaged with color card and charm card


BROWN creates a grounding, down-to-earth feeling. Brown is the color of stability, trust, and loyalty. Symbolizes a sense of belonging, a connection with the earth.



A replica of Chinese Quig (pronounced "chin") Dynasty coin. The round shape symbolizes heaven and the internal square represents Earth. The coin is considered to be the most powerful manifesting tool for attracting wealth, prosperity, and endless fortune.


A replica of a Bhutanese coin. In Bhutan prosperity is measured in happiness. Economists have argued that the key to happiness is obtaining and enjoying material development. Bhutan however, adheres to a very different belief and advocates that amassing material wealth does not necessarily lead to happiness.


A representation of the division of the world into four elements: East (sun) teacher, wisdom; South (water) healer, love; West (earth) visionary, integrity; North (air) warrior, leadership. When in balance all is well.


Our version of the 7 ancient metals known to have healing properties. The 7 metals of alchemy are gold (heart), silver (Brain), mercury (lungs), copper (kidneys), iron (muscles & circulation), tin (liver), and lead (skin, hair and nails).


Om is the sacred symbol and sound of the universe. Representing the most important of all mantras it is the representation of the Supreme Being. Meditating on this sacred symbol is said to bring inner peace and harmony.

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