Lynette Lovelace


Lynette Lovelace founded Lifetherapy on the fundamental belief that when we take ownership of our frame of mind, positivity follows.

As an accomplished restauranteur, luxury boutique owner, gifted retail strategist and product developer, she is no stranger to choosing a positive outlook throughout her life. Having survived numerous personal health challenges and guiding her son and daughter through their own health crisis, Lynette has learned to take life as it comes, to pay it forward and above all, to live in the moment with optimism and gratitude.

A passion for living positively led Lynette to found Lifetherapy. She knew there was a direct correlation between scent and color and an uplifting emotional outcome. Intent on reaching women in a way that inspires them to feel nurtured and mindful, she has carefully designed a brand that celebrates positivity through fragrance and color, inspiring women to live fully, and helping them create a daily ritual of self-care.

With her warmth and candor, Lynette exemplifies the Lifetherapy brand. This fiercely loyal wife/mom/entrepreneur believes that self-care should be attainable, deeply personal and above all, empowering. Her contagious enthusiasm, palpable radiance and gift for relating to and uplifting others keeps Lynette’s customers coming back for repeated doses of positivity.

Lynette’s vision of helping others create a few moments every day to celebrate their personal strengths comes through in each luxurious Lifetherapy product.

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