Lifetherapy Girls are:

  • Fiercely Optimistic
  • Unapologetically Confident
  • Fun loving and playful
  • Empowered
Lifetherapy was founded upon the fundamental belief that when we live positively with scent and color, we can empower ourselves to meet life’s challenges with a positive frame of mind. After all, a positive mind gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you. By staying positive, living vicariously through scent and color, and remaining optimistic, we create an environment for personal success.

So we began the search for the #Lifetherapy of 2015 to encourage you and the people around you to share your stories of how you empowered yourself to live positively and what the result was. We want to encourage YOU to create a post to showcase how you #ChooseYourMood and embrace whatever life throws your way.  

Share your stories of how you took that initial step of choosing positivity to overcome any personal struggle and found your inner strength. Nominate your friends, family and sisters! Tag your posts with #ChooseYourMood #LivePositively #LifetherapyGirl. Include a few sentences in the caption of how you or your nominee lives positively & confidently by choosing a mood of optimism and strength.

Follow us on instagram @Lifetherapygirl and on our Lifetherapygirl Facebook page to see our favorite submissions and to get inspired by the women around us. From all  the stories and posts we receive we’ll choose our LifetherapyGirl of 2015 and announce her on August 31,2015. She’ll become the face of the Lifetherapy brand for the year and help us spread the positivity in the air through more ad campaigns.

Also, with the summer months upon us, we want you to embrace the salt in the air & the sand in your hair! Let’s make sunshine your new favorite accessory, the winner will receive a years worth of Vacation products! Its time to worry less and live more. So choose to live positively, choose your mood, find your inner strength and share your stories! Be empowered and inspired by remembering that we all have the power within us to embrace our inner Lifetherapy girl and to always choose our moods to live positively!





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