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Choose your MOOD Silk Wrap Bracelet - Yellow

$ 28.00

Get in a happy mood with the hopeful color of Yellow. Handmade, hand-dyed silk wrap bracelets feature color changing mood bead and our hand stamped, repurposed copper "choose your MOOD" charm. In addition to the beauty of copper it is also a powerful ally for the body’s natural healing process. 

-34” in length, bracelet (most often) wraps around wrist 4 times
-100% hand-dyed silk, Hand stamped copper charm
-Color changing mood bead
-Assorted African & Nepalese beads

    Due to the handmade & hand-dyed process, colors and styles may vary slightly. Copper charm will naturally patina with time. Some dark colors may bleed, much like dark denim jeans we suggest to first rinse the silk bracelet in cold water before wearing and hang to dry. Please take special care to pat dry the beads after rinsing.

    Color meaning included with every piece of jewelry

      color meaning card