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Choose Your Mood: The Power of Attitude by Lynette Lovelace, Lifetherapy

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Lifetherapy Lynette Lovelace

Lifetherapy Lynette Lovelace

By Lynette Lovelace, Lifetherapy


The more I interact with people and watch my children grow, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.   Attitude is so much more important than the facts. In fact, many of the “facts” we take for granted turn out in research, in the media and in our own experiences not to be “truths.”

For me, I have learned that attitude is much more important than the past.  It’s much more important than education or money. It’s even more important that anything we have achieved or failed at in the pursuit of success. How you look, how gifted you are at things and even skills, fail abysmally in the face of a poor attitude.

The best part of attitude is that we have the power to choose our attitude toward anything.  How you think about something is a better predictor of success than most anything.  We have all learned this with the story of the Little Engine that could.  “I think I can,” he said.  He was right.

There are many things in life we can’t change so I’m not going to focus on that. Some of life comes down to acceptance and faith. Instead, let us focus our energy and empower ourselves on things we can change, our attitude. There’s an old saying that life is 10% that which happens and 90% how we react to it.  Our attitudes lend themselves to our moods. In choosing my attitude on a daily, hourly, and sometimes a moment to moment basis, I find this to be one of my truths.

“Choose Your Mood”, is the philosophy behind Lynette Lovelace’s new lifestyle brand, Lifetherapy.   Lovelace created a line of luxury apothecary products inspired by the therapeutic powers of fragrance and mood.  Lovelace states her intentions naming her fragrances: Play, Vacation, Escape, Chill, and Flirt.  Products range from everyday hand crèmes, to pulse point oil roll-on perfumes, ultra rich body crèmes, hydrating body lotions and skin nourishing body scrubs. She reminds us that “mood is a choice, your feelings are contagious, and there has never been another you.”

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