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#POSITIVITY on my birthday

Posted by Lynette Lovelace on

Yes, I am blogging, or at least trying to. My needs have always been strong for communication and mental stimulation, and although I am at my best when I am one on one – I felt the need to raise more awareness about my mission to positively affect the way women approach the everyday with Lifetherapy and it seems that the most effective way to do this is to discuss LIFE right here. Let’s just call this my vision board of communication. Feel free to jump in at any time.I love new beginnings. So I decided today, the first day of my BIRTHday year- that I’d embark on something NEW and put another stamp of my individuality on all that Lifetherapy stands for.

If you are a new customer or friend to the brand Lifetherapy, you will quickly learn that I am a hands-on POSITIVE person. Meaning if you’re not feeling positive, I will give it my best to help you see a different way through your experience and if I am not positive, feel free to kick me right in the A–!

Through many years of boutique and restaurant madness, I adored having a place that people could come to and feel the positive. It’s an energy that I can’t put words too, so if you didn’t get the opportunity to see my work – I believe someday you will. When I closed my brick and mortar property 5 years ago after a near 20 year stint, there was a part of me that felt frozen with the lack of day to day stimulation of seeing, and touching the people. Albeit busy launching my brand over the past 5 years, I have missed the conversation with my customers. Last night, as my birthday day came to an end – I thought, why not just talk to the (people) here – on the website. I have not planned this story – I do not have a “shell” I am following to write and engage, and I am not watching how others do it. This will be “our” little place to discover and talk openly about what makes a positive life and how I feel subtle reminders of our God given senses can pull out the negative.

It’s no secret that I love product. I am good at sourcing product and I have always had a natural place in the consumer world as far as understanding a good mix to bring in to create an ambiance around our souls to create positive energy. A simple candle, a color, a fragrance, or a special this or that to stimulate our individualism and spark a little energy rush within – this is the passion that goes into each of the products that my brand Lifetherapy now creates. Launching with accessories and bath & body products all designed to stimulate or evoke a MOOD, along with a simple word of encouragement to think stronger, fight harder and above all have a positive attitude, I hope we become fast friends. I encourage you to #chooseyourMOOD and join our journey.

xx Lynette

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